Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Containment in the Kitchen

Inside this containment area we set up an Air Scrubber to make sure and clean the air as we cut and removed a small spot of mold from the ceiling.

Mold on the Ceiling in Downtown Austin

This little spot of mold created a larger area of drywall to be removed. In the picture you see a 3" spot but on the other side of the sheet rock it grew to 8" wide.

Mold Growing in the Rafters

This mold was found when a pipe leak had to be fixed in the ceiling. There was enough moisture in the space that caused a patch of mold to grow within days.

Mold Containment

Safety and cleanliness are important to us when removing mold or debris from an area. Our crew are experts when it comes to containment.

Dust Suppression Containment in Austin, TX

This is a dust suppression containment that SERVPRO of South Austin set up in a clients homes.  These contaiments prevent dust and debris from working areas to permeate into clean areas of the home.  Attention to detail is paramount in order to prevent cross contamination.