Recent Before & After Photos

Fire Prevention - Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Austin, TX

SERVPRO of South Austin was called out to clean the commercial kitchen at a bowling alley.  It had not been properly cleaned in quite some time. There was ... READ MORE

Water Damage in a School in Austin, TX

This classroom experienced overhead water damage that contained dirty water that was sitting in the pipes.  Notice the extent of dirt that covered the wall... READ MORE

Commercial Mold Remediation

This company had extensive mold damage throughout their facility in Austin, TX.  These photos show the discoloration along the cove base and on the walls. ... READ MORE

Houston 2016 Spring Floods

This home suffered massive damage from the 2016 floods in Houston.  The water line rose to nearly two feet in this home.  Notice the destruction of wo... READ MORE

Apartment Fire in Austin, TX

This Austin area apartment fire affected three units with significant fire and smoke damage. The fire was started in the kitchen, and once it got going, it swep... READ MORE

Hoarders House in Austin, TX

This owner of this home in South Austin was devastated to see the condition of her property after a tenant had moved out. The tenant was a hoarder and had not r... READ MORE

Bathroom Biohazard

This bathroom saw some serious damage after this biohazard disaster. The family couldn't believe it was even the same bathroom after we were finished.