Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Call SERVPRO When It Storms

If your home is damaged in any way from a storm, SERVPRO of South Austin can help clean up the mess, dry your house out and get it back to a livable state.

Rainwater Collection in Downtown Austin

This office building was the result of a small storm serge that happened to flow water down a hill, through a small valley and into the open bay door. SERVPRO of South Austin was able to dry it out in 2 days!

Storm Serge in Austin, Texas

Our technicians were able to extract the mud and water from this house and remove the lower half of the drywall to stop the moisture from spreading. The homeowner was thrilled with the outcome!

Mud Removal from Living Room

This was the aftermath of a strong storm serge. The mud flooded the living room, kitchen and garage in this home. After the mud was removed, we set up dehumidifiers and fans to thoroughly dry it out.